Bharath Group is a renowned Indian conglomerate with a long-standing commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR). The group’s CSR initiatives focus on addressing the needs of underprivileged communities through various socio-economic, educational, and health initiatives. The group’s philanthropic programs, community outreach, and charitable donations demonstrate its commitment to making a positive impact on society.

CSR Initiatives:
Educational Institutes: Bharath Group has established educational institutes, such as the Manjunath Pai Memorial BBM College and Sri Bhuvanendra College & Hostel, to provide quality education to students in rural areas. The group also provides financial support to students through scholarships, helping to increase their access to education.
Healthcare Facilities: The group has established Sri Damodar M Pai Memorial Hospital in Harihar to provide healthcare facilities to the local community. The hospital offers a wide range of medical services, including preventive and curative care, and provides medical assistance to those who cannot afford it.
Cultural Activities: The Manjunath Damodar Pai Charitable Trust founded by the group organizes cultural activities to promote Indian arts and culture. Eminent artists from all over India are invited to provide a cultural fiesta, making Karkala renowned for cultural activities.
Employee Engagement: The group believes in engaging its employees in its CSR initiatives. The company involves its staff, suppliers, contractors, clients, and business partners to bring about a positive impact on the community. This builds on the strengths and core values of the organization.
Employment Generation: Bharath Beedi Works, a subsidiary of Bharath Group, has been employing more than one lakh people directly and indirectly, providing part-time employment to those who can work from home. This unique nature of employment in the beedi industry is an added advantage for homemakers who can take care of their homes simultaneously.
Bharath Group’s CSR initiatives demonstrate its commitment to creating a positive social and environmental impact. The group’s efforts to improve education, healthcare, and cultural activities, in addition to providing employment, highlight its commitment to the betterment of society.


At Bharath Group, CSR is a part and parcel of our practice to involve our staff, suppliers and contractors, clients and business partners to bring about a positive impact on the community at large of which we are a small part. This builds on our strengths and the core values of our organisation.

Bharath Beedi Works has been employing more than One Lakh people, directly and a similar number indirectly. The Beedi Industry is unique in a number of ways in the nature of employment, where the workers can work from home, mostly part time, earn cash wages and other benefits like Bonus, Provident Fund, leave with wages, Festival holidays, Maternity leave, etc. It’s an added advantage for agriculturist who can take care of their homes simultaneously.